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Bower Place provides therapy funded under the NDIS to children, adolescents and adults under the category Capacity Building Improved Daily Living.

Our work includes all NDIS participants, from the youngest to the oldest, along with all those who comprise their support system. This allows us to fully understand all perspectives on issues with which the client is struggling and discover better ways to support change for them, their family and within their wider world.

Our work is informed by extensive experience working with people with intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and major mental health. This has allowed us to develop unique processes and protocols which take into account the differences in working memory, processing speed, abstract reasoning, receptive and expressive language and literacy between the client and their practitioner. Unacknowledged such differences produce an inequality which hinders change.

How we can help

At Bower Place, all service delivery is shaped to suit the client’s unique need rather than the practitioner delivering the service. We engage in a process which privileges the client’s specific request for change while also addressing the requirements of family and other helper and support people. These are all taken into account to formulate a way forward that meets all party’s needs.

In conducting sessions, we are guided by the Bower Place Method and BowerNote. These conceptual and practical guides maximize the client’s capacity to remember and process information to make a difference to their lives.

Making a difference extends to engagement with key people in the client’s world as change is enhanced by both the understanding and active support of key people. This is especially so where the client’s disability makes them dependent on care from others, whose action either enhance or limit chances of growth and independence. Where possible these people become active collaborators in the change process.

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