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Inequality is at the heart of all human problems.

The inclusion of students with high and complex needs has produced a raft of inequalities schools cannot easily manage. An escalation in student mental health, violence, non-attendance, parent dysregulation, teacher dissatisfaction, exodus from the profession and plummeting enrolments in teaching, is an education system in crisis. The solution has become its own symptom.

bower(schools) is a multisystem, complexity and crisis protocol for managing behavioural, emotional, and cognitive dysregulation in schools. It is a relationship management and learning system.

bower(schools) turns each dilemma and crisis into a moment of cultural transformation for the school, working with leadership, teachers, and support staff to tweak old protocols and devise new protocols to manage inclusion and inequality safely.

bower(schools) deals with the student, parent, and family dysregulation and violence that often comes with the inclusion of high and complex needs’ students. This requires the sharing of responsibility and collaboration between the school, family and child protection, mental health, justice, and disability systems.

bower(schools) can be entered from any point on the visual compass and requires the school, leadership, teacher, and support to engage through the bower(knowledge) portal – the pivot for bower(schools). Bower(schools) tracks the learning, and transformation of the school.


“This framework for thinking through complex student needs is the best PD I have done in years. I loved it and found it to be full of exciting possibilities.” (Teacher, Portside Christian College, South Australia)

“We can do hard things without our mental load being impacted significantly following this system” (Teacher/Leader, Calvary Lutheran Primary School, South Australia)

“Using the protocols are invaluable, this process really works. The workshop content relates well to situations we are currently facing more and more” (Teacher, Our Saviour Lutheran School)

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