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Licensing Opportunities

A licence agreement with Bower Place can help address administration issues and increase face-to-face time with clients.

Did you know?:

  • A major Australian human services agency reports over 54% of worker time is spent on computer terminals
  • Client notes can be written up anywhere between 24 hours to 1 month post interaction with a client

The community and human services industry is seeing:

  • Workers spend more and more time on administration rather than direct client work
  • Complaints processes costing organisations within the industry millions of dollars in time and money every year

The answer could be a licence agreement with Bower Place.

Benefits of a licence agreement with Bower Place

Bower Note and Bower Method has many benefits including:

  • Getting employees back face-to-face with clients
  • Reducing administration time
  • Mitigating risk to workers
  • Managing the inequality inherently present between clients and workers.

Organisations can tap into the expertise of Bower Place and draw on the 30+ years’ experience by implementing honed protocols and procedures to achieve best practice outcomes for clients, workers, and businesses.

Agencies that become licensees have the opportunity to better deliver on KPI’s and get results for the people they’re providing a service to.

A licence agreement with Bower Place can increase an organisation’s efficiencies by:

  • Having access to tools and policies
  • Building skills and capability to deliver on promises aligned with organisational goals and values.


bower(schools) offers a highly effective approach to building positive school culture by supporting educators and leaders to mediate challenging learner behaviours. The approach trains educators to identify where a problem behaviour exists, its nature and the people it involves. It develops the skills to avoid the typical ‘battle’ that exists where behaviour and relationships are fractured in schools and across the system. We work with principals, leaders, educators, wellbeing teams, students, and care givers collectively with empathy, understanding and collaboration. The goal is to equip you and your staff to transform educator practice and reframe student behaviour, that will lead to a flourishing school culture.

bower(schools) approaches the educational space from a systemic perspective by addressing the social and neurobiological ‘worlds’ of all learners. We collaborate with your school to understand the ways in which these ‘worlds’ connect and reinforce each other, to experience significant and positive changes.

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