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Feedback Policy

Client Feedback Policy

Bower Place is committed to providing a high standard of care and meeting the needs of clients. We appreciate feedback from clients about what we do well and where we can improve.

Client feedback could make Bower Place aware of unknown issues, or matters that may be upsetting our clients.

Bower Place asks clients about any feedback or questions they may have about our service. Alternatively, clients are able to use the feedback form.


If clients have a complaint, Bower Place will respond to it promptly and sensitively. Feedback is treated confidentially and managed according to privacy obligations.

Client feedback plays an important role in resolving problems, by providing as much relevant information as possible. Bower Place investigate complaints thoroughly to know what happened and why, and to address ways to prevent it happening again. Bower Place will keep clients informed at all times throughout the process.

Bower Place will work with clients to assess the most appropriate way to resolve the problem and the best outcome. Bower Place ask that clients consider the outcome they would like and will strive to work towards this. Bower Place will provide clients with all the facts about any incidents or occurrences and any strategies that are devised to improve our service as a result of their feedback.

Improvement of service

Bower Place have an ongoing commitment to improving our level of service. A copy of our Complaints Policy is available here.

Further action

Formal complaints are normally resolved by direct negotiation with the complainant, but some complaints are better resolved with the assistance of an independent authority.

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner is an appropriate independent authority that clients and their families may approach if the complaints could not be resolved by direct negotiation.

The Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner is available Monday to Thursday, 10am – 4pm. Please find the contact details below:

  • Telephone: 8226 8666
  • Toll free SA country: 1800 232 007
  • Email:
  • Write: PO Box 199, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA 5000.

As per the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018, NDIS clients may also lodge complaints to the NDIS Commission using the following details:

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission- Telephone 1800 035 544

Download an NDIS Complaint Form, complete it and return it via one of the following methods:

  • Email:
  • Post: National Disability Insurance Agency, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601
  • Drop your form off at any National Disability Insurance Scheme Office
  • Online
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