Please Note: Only COVID-19 vaccinated adults and children over 5 can attend the Clinic.

Relationship Counselling

Many of us hope for a partner who will love, support and care for us as we face the challenges of family, work and friendships. This important relationship can be highly challenging and difficult to sustain though.

A once loving bond may become fractured, abusive or destructive, with both partners unable to repair or leave.

How we can help

Our work with couples allows us to be a neutral third party to understand the patterns that have evolved and become hurtful or destructive.

We can help to map a path forward that is most protective of all.

We aim to find a resolution that heals relationships with children, extended family and friends, and provides a positive goal irrespective of the decision to remain together or part.

Contact us to book an appointment for help with relationship and marriage counselling.

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