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Since 1986 Bower Place has developed methodology to integrate theory and practice from a range of sources in an entirely original way.

The bower(method) is a multi-theoretical methodology for working with system and problem complexity.

It is informed by:

  • Systemic practice and family therapy
  • Developmental theory
  • Change theory
  • Neurobiology
  • A deep understanding of inequality

Complementary to this is bower(note) (Robinson and Sanders, 2017, in press), a comprehensive and contemporaneous notes protocol that translates the bower(method) into direct practice.

The bower(method) with bower(note) is a protocol for addressing the simpler to the most complex co-occurring problems in the context of complicated service delivery systems. This includes regulatory and funding bodies as well as the mental health, justice, correctional, disability, education, and child protection systems.

Our focus is on people within their family, and the world in which they live, as the context in which problems and symptoms are often generated and perpetuated. We also incorporate the relationship with the wider institutional system, including schools, regulatory and funding bodies and the inequality this brings. The disadvantages of gender, race, ability, and position shape people’s lives and underpin the symptoms and problems they present.

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