Please Note: Only COVID-19 vaccinated adults and children over 5 can attend the Clinic.

Child and Adolescent Anxiety

All children experience some anxiety as they face and conquer challenges. For some, the fear of the new and unexpected can become debilitating. This can prevent them from participating academically and socially.

They react more quickly and intensely to threatening situations and struggle to manage these feelings. They may develop distressing rituals in order to cope. This interferes with their ability to do things others their age enjoy.

Understanding anxiety in children and adolescents is important to help them through it.

How we can help

Far beyond a one-size-fits-all anxiety test, our treatment of anxiety in children and adolescents recognises the individual child’s temperament while understanding external circumstances.

Working with the whole family, carer and education system, we can discover different ways of supporting children or young adults in taking charge of their fear. This allows them to enjoy personal and social possibilities that have previously been unavailable to them.

Contact us to book an appointment for help with child and adolescent anxiety.

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