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bower(note) is a unique in-session notes protocol that directly addresses inequality in the citizen-client relationship with the practitioner and agency.

bower(note) was developed out of therapeutic work with intellectual and cognitive difficulties. It has broad application in the management of any episode of care with an individual, couple, family or wider system across mental health, disability, child protection and justice.

bower(note) is a radical transformation of contextual practice. It guides the activity of the practitioner to remediate the political and psychological inequalities endemic to all therapeutic practice. In doing so bower(note) alters interaction and the collective cognition that is therapy.

bower(note) is contemporaneous and transparent and uses a minimum of two modes of word and image communication.

bower(note) can be adapted to any model, in a therapeutic clinic or community setting and requires no new technology. It is economical and generates contemporaneous, accurate records, endorsed by the client that manage risk.

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