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Dispute Resolution and Mediation

What is family dispute resolution and why use it?

Family dispute resolution is a means of resolving disputes without the Family Court making a decision. It can save time, money and stress.

This includes disputes about parenting arrangements and financial matters.

A genuine effort to resolve disputes must be made before separating partners can apply to the Family Court.

What other types of mediation do Bower Place facilitate?

We are able to facilitate mediation and dispute resolution methods for:

  • Individual to individual matters
  • Individual to organisation matters
  • Industrial matters
  • Workplace relationship issues
  • Employer to employee disputes
  • Corporate matters

How we can help with mediation and dispute resolution

Our expert mediators, conciliators and arbitrators act as a professional and neutral third party. They genuinely appreciate the position and perspective of each side in the dispute.

Balance is the hallmark of our professionals and they are able to work fairly and equitably with all to achieve a durable resolution.

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