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About Family and Systemic Therapy

What is Family and Systemic Therapy?

Family and systemic therapy is an approach to understanding and changing human difficulties.

It takes into account both your internal and external worlds. It incorporates the world you live in and inequalities due to gender, race, advantage and ability, which can shape your life and underpin difficulties.

The focus is on family and networks, as this is where problems may have started in the past and may continue in the present. By working with the repetitive patterns of interaction between family members and their world, we can understand symptoms and help resolve them.

At Bower Place we use the “bower(method)” which draws together theory and practice from a range of sources, as well as our own original findings and knowledge.

Who can we help with family and systemic therapy?

Family and systemic therapy is a valuable approach for children, adolescents and adults in families and social groups of all types.

When you hear the word ‘family therapy’ you might picture Mum, Dad and 2.5 children sitting with a therapist looking angrily at each other in family counselling. Yet family therapy is so much more than addressing family conflict and disharmony – it is an approach useful for anyone.

Bower Place specialises in family and systemic therapy both within our Complex Needs Clinic and Private Practice.


Fees vary depending on practitioners and clinic.

Rebate may be available through Medicare, Private Health Insurance or NDIS depending on individual and family circumstances.

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