Please Note: Only COVID-19 vaccinated adults and children over 5 can attend the Clinic.

Face to Face Workshops

Join our one day face-to-face workshops, combining clinical expertise and practical experience in the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic.

Bower Place offers one day workshops that provide unique opportunities to explore research while drawing on clinical practice across a range of 3 different topics.

What is the cost of the Bower Place workshops?

Cost $190 for full day training with Senior Practitioners in the field and Bower Place Directors Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders

First Languages Workshop

Culture is carried by language; expressions of anguish, love, attachment, and grief are carried in a client’s first language. Working in a client’s first language is a very different experience than using interpreters. This goes to the heart of the therapeutic experience.

Bower Place works in 8 first languages. This workshop presents a unique approach at Bower Place.

When: TBA

Family, a crucible for change workshop

Designed for professionals whose work brings them in direct contact with families and their struggles. This includes:

  • School educators
  • General Practitioners
  • Health and community services professionals. When: TBA

Gaming, Gambling, Substances and ‘S’ Workshop

Gaming, gambling, alcohol, medically and illegally peddled substances, solo, face-to-face and on-line pornography or sexual activities have escalated into the twenty-first century.

Getting into an addiction is easy, inclusive and freely available. Getting out of an addiction is very difficult, isolating and expensive.

This workshop applies a radically new approach that embraces addictions as the truth about us as humans.

When: TBA

Guest Presenter Workshops

2021 Bower Place guest presenter series to be announced.

Who would be suited to these guest presenter workshops?

  • Practitioners
  • Service delivery agencies, regulatory and funding bodies.
  • Families dealing with complex matters.

What is the cost of the guest presenter workshops?

Cost of guest presenter series to be announced.

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