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Close but Distant

When the pandemic hit early in 2020 plans initially ground to a halt and it soon became clear to the executive of the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) that our advertised conference in Perth would not proceed. All local professional development events were cancelled as were the regular meetings of… Read more

Authority, Responsibility & Diagnosis

Problems, symptoms, and dynamics appear in batches and recently I have encountered a challenging dynamic working with young people. The issue relates to the question of diagnosis and not infrequently a demand for medication to ‘solve the problem’. Attempting to make sense of this I have noticed that all but… Read more

If Only it Were Simple

Children’s books are comforting. Even those that address highly painful and difficult issues like John Boyne’s The Boy in the Striped Pajamas which tells the story of two boys, a Jew and the child of a German officer who befriend each other through the wire of Auschwitz concentration camp leave… Read more

Violence in the House

We have long been aware of the dangers of home for women but to discover that the house of our nation, Parliament House is also a perilous place, is a different and distressing revelation. While hardly surprising, the rape allegation of staffer Brittany Higgins and those which have followed, has… Read more

We’re Better Together

‘In 1623 when seriously ill, John Donne, the English poet wrote ‘No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main’. This insight, that we are all interconnected is as true today as it was then. More recently, experimental psychologist… Read more

An exciting positive change for Bower Place

Hello to our friends and colleagues of Bower Place! Well 2020 has certainly been a year of new challenges and a time of change for us all. But change can also be a positive thing, creating new perspectives, experiences and opportunities. This week Bower Place has undergone its own change…. Read more

What if they can hear me?

What if they can hear me? The sanctity and privacy of the therapeutic conversation has been an underpinning principal to the extent that it is enshrined in ethical guidelines that protect clients from breaches of confidentiality by practitioners. More difficult is managing the curiosity of family members when sessions are… Read more

The Gift of Giving – Baradine Biscuits

Baradine is a small town in north western New South Wales, which in 2016 had a population of 760 people It is thirty minute drive north of Coonabarabran and is known as the Gateway to the Pilliga, a beautiful forest of native birds, animals and trees. Unfortunately, like much of… Read more

Health and safety of Clients, Stakeholders and Staff

As the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) widens we ask that you inform Bower Place if you have had any recent contact with a confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus, if you have travelled overseas in the last 14 days and/or have a recent fever, history of fever or… Read more


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