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A Mighty Injustice

In 1998 a paper was published in the prestigious English medical journal the Lancet, which changed the course of the lives of many children. Some would argue for the worst, but a significant and highly vocal minority would disagree. The paper, by Dr Andrew Wakefield claimed his research demonstrated that… Read more

How Many Days are Father’s Day?

How Many Days are Father’s Day? Father’s Day has come and gone earlier this month and with it the gatherings and celebrations in honour of the family’s key men. For some this will have been a happy day and opportunity to express genuine love and appreciation for their parent but… Read more

How Do You Want to be Eulogized?

In a strange confluence of events the day of a workshop on working with older adults and their families, a memorial was held at the Capitol for American Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the first for a woman. As a Supreme Court Justice, she served from 1993 until 2020, where she… Read more

Separation is Hard Enough without Lockdown

Separation is Hard Enough without Lockdown Among the many challenges currently facing family therapists is work with couples and families in the process of separation and divorce. A paper by Lebow (2020) addresses the unique dynamics of these circumstances and provides practical suggestions. COVID both potentiates and constrains separation and divorce…. Read more

Needs Must When the Devil Drives

Needs Must When the Devil Drives Not all of us adopted Telehealth with enthusiasm, but when the choice was abandoning our clients or learn a new art there really was no choice. Necessity compels. A study by the American Psychological Association reports that 75% of psychologists are doing only on-line… Read more

What about the Children?

COVID-19 is increasingly risky with age such that children may develop mild symptoms while their parents and grandparents are often much sicker and may die. While Australia has, to date, been fortunate in terms of death rates, other countries are less so, which raises the issue of the care of… Read more

Couples Therapy in Times of Coronavirus

Much has been written about the risks of relationship difficulties in families in the context of the current health crisis, but less attention has been paid to addressing these issues. A yet to be published paper by Stanley and Markham (2020) suggests strategies and guidelines for therapists and relationship educators… Read more

Choosing Between Two Right Alternatives

Choosing Between Two Imperatives On Saturday June 6th Australians were invited to join marches in solidarity with the American “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and to protest black deaths in custody and violence against Aboriginal people in this country. At the same time, we continued to be reminded of the risks… Read more


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