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What if they can hear me?

What if they can hear me? The sanctity and privacy of the therapeutic conversation has been an underpinning principal to the extent that it is enshrined in ethical guidelines that protect clients from breaches of confidentiality by practitioners. More difficult is managing the curiosity of family members when sessions are… Read more

The Gift of Giving – Baradine Biscuits

Baradine is a small town in north western New South Wales, which in 2016 had a population of 760 people It is thirty minute drive north of Coonabarabran and is known as the Gateway to the Pilliga, a beautiful forest of native birds, animals and trees. Unfortunately, like much of… Read more

Health and safety of Clients, Stakeholders and Staff

As the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) widens we ask that you inform Bower Place if you have had any recent contact with a confirmed case of Novel Coronavirus, if you have travelled overseas in the last 14 days and/or have a recent fever, history of fever or… Read more

Update on our upcoming events

Unfortunately due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in the interest of all staff, client, stakeholder and visitor health and safety, all scheduled training workshops and our First Languages Open Night will be cancelled. These will be rescheduled at a later date. Bower Place is providing confidential… Read more

Bower Place YouTube Channel

Bower Place now has a YouTube Channel! This channel will feature educational and informative videos for professionals, individuals, couples and families and will include a range of topics. You will find videos and clips from Clinic Directors, Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders, as well as other Bower Place Practitioners and… Read more

Lockdown, Parenting Stress and Children’s Emotional Regulation

With heightened focus on the mental health consequences of the pandemic and government resources directed to addressing this, it is interesting to read a research paper exploring parenting stress and the socioeconomic and environmental risk factors and implications for children’s emotion regulation. Spinelli et al (2020) collected data in the… Read more

Who Wants to Stay in?

The easing of lockdown restrictions is generally anticipated with enthusiasm, but it appears not everyone is happy. Writing in The New York Times, Alex Williams reports on the difficulty some children are experiencing leaving the safety of home coining the phrase ‘generation agoraphobia’. Early this year we had to frighten… Read more

Keeping Training Alive Through Lockdown

Keeping Training Alive Through Lockdown Practitioners faced multiple challenges when the pandemic hit, and the world went into lock down. The question of how to provide confidential, effective services to clients already struggling with multiple demands was universal but for training organisations working directly with clients there was an additional… Read more

When Time Stops – The Value of Ritual in a Time of COVID

Ritual, Evan Imber Black writes, ‘hold us, shape us, sustain us, and connect us’. Through the pandemic many of our traditions and ways of marking time have become impossible. No leaving the house, no gatherings of more than 10 people, no hugging, no singing, no way to mark the annual… Read more


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