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Complexity Series

Complexity Series

Gain insights and guidance to support complex family networks

The complexity series of workshops covers 4 topics focussed on complex situations within family networks.

This series is ideally suited to:

  • All mental health practitioners
  • Post-graduate students in relevant disciplines
  • Professionals working in service delivery agencies, regulatory and funding bodies.
  • Families dealing with complex matters

Course Content

You will learn about:

  • A clear systemic methodology to support clients in complex situations
  • An understanding of the role of those involved in creating and maintaining complexity
  • A way of thinking that addresses constraints to change
  • Practical tools to explore and understand each client
  • Strategies and intervention to address presenting difficulties

Bower Systemic Complexity Series

  • Topic 1: A theoretical frame for understanding and working with complex cases
  • Topic 2: Working with complex children and families
  • Topic 3: Working with complex adolescents and families
  • Topic 4: Working with complex adults and families

Please note: The knowledge presented in topic 1 provides the foundation for all following workshops. To maximise learning, it is assumed that participants will complete topic 1 as a pre-requisite, which is expanded upon throughout the other topics.

The presenters

  • Malcolm Robinson, Director of the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic, social worker and family therapist<link
  • Catherine Sanders, clinical psychologist and family therapist <link
  • Psychologists, Ann Weir and Melissa Minney <link
  • Social workers and counsellors, Ecaterina Eltahir and Charles Maddison <link
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