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Recruitment Assessments

Recruitment Assessments

Psychometric tests for recruitment require both advanced software and importantly clinical judgement in analysing the results. Bower Place, using the Genesys software, enables organisations to gather a complete understanding of the abilities and preferences of employees or candidates.

Genesys software is a highly researched suite of assessment tools used to determine an individual’s skills, abilities, values and personality profile. When this information is matched with Position Descriptions and Competency Frameworks, an informed decision can be made about selection of candidates.

Genesys software can be used to assess:

  • Aptitude and ability
  • Personality
  • Values alignment
  • Career interests and motivations
  • Learning styles
  • Competencies for specific skill sets
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Leadership style

Why use a psychologist?

Genesys assessments provide a wealth of information about an employee or participant.

Clinical judgement is essential in selecting the most appropriate information to deliver an assessment that is best suited to the recruitment process, along with analysing and interpreting the information gathered during the assessment.

A comprehensive report is written to address the needs of the employer or client and is structured to provide the most appropriate feedback for the employee or participant.

Our psychologist has undertaken extensive training and is accredited to use Genesys assessments.

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