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Group sessions

Group sessions

Our experienced facilitators run a range of group activities at Bower Place for children, adolescents and adults. All group sessions are run with an expressed purpose and outcome and include school holiday programs.

The facilitated therapeutic group sessions at Bower Place are focussed on support and change.

They provide support for:

  • the individual client experiencing their own challenges and their circumstances.
  • the family managing challenging family members, behaviour, and circumstances.
  • those people supporting that client and family.

The structure of each group and the approach for each are tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by each group member.

Bower(place) is deeply committed to the change process through shared activity and group engagement.

Change rarely happens in isolation. Change occurs in a supported environment. Change is a shared process, not only individual. We do best when we have others around us and when we know we are not alone.

Some examples of group sessions include:

  • Adolescent’s
  • Social Skills
  • Addictions – alcohol, cannabis, gambling
  • Parenting – young children, behaviourally challenged, children with ASD, ADD
  • Non Violent Resistance
  • Couple Relationship
  • Behaviour regulation
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Anger Management
  • Supervision
  • Body Image

Benefits of group sessions

Benefits of group participation include:

  • Social engagement and support
  • Recreation
  • Social skill development

With many potential workers and professionals undertaking training at Bower Place, we’re in a unique position to offer extensive support ratios for all group participants.

Extra care and support also means greater group diversity and opportunity for those who may be more socially isolated than others.

What to expect at our group sessions

Our group sessions allow participants to develop skills in a safe and welcoming community context while undertaking fun and engaging activities.

Everyone attending a group leaves with communication detailing the group content and participation. This ensure members of their wider system are informed, to avoid any miscommunication.

Many participants are able to utilise NDIS funding to attend.

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