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Complex Clients & Families bower(method) Entry Certificate

Complex Clients & Families: Bower(method)

The Bower Place short course, Complex Clients and Families: bower(method), is a 10 week course offered by Bower Place designed to link family and systemic therapy theory to practice. Specifically designed for employees who have a license agreement with Bower Place.

Ten weeks of theoretical knowledge is accompanied by ten live client/family sessions each week in the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic. These are accessible online to remote students via our secure network. Theoretical topics are focussed around key concepts of family and systemic therapy. This theoretical content is applied to practical work simultaneously through weekly observations of live client/family sessions. Both knowledge and training is referenced to our integrative family and systemic therapy model, bower(method), and our protocols for practice, bower(note).

On completion of this Course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the key concepts of a family and systemic therapy approach
  • Consider the relationship between a systemic approach and the personal relationships and moral difficulties experienced by clients
  • Consider the way in which a systemic approach can be applied to individuals, couples, families, and wider systems
  • Consider the application of family and systemic therapy theory to a range of presenting difficulties and family arrangements
  • Understand how bower(method) and bower(note) may be applied to their clinical practice
  • Have developed an understanding of their own personal responses to human difficulties as a result of experiences in their family of origin and life experience and be skilled at managing and utilising their resources.

Who can apply?

People who have knowledge and/or skill base in the human services, support work, counselling, social and health sciences or relevant field and who have or their workplace have a licensing agreement with Bower Place.

When does the course begin?

This is to be negotiated with Bower Place by licensing agencies. Students complete the online theoretical component while participating in the practical observation sessions at Bower Place’s Complex Needs Clinic on a weekly basis. Full online participation is an option for this qualification.

What is the cost of the course?

Full Fee – $875* plus GST


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For enquiries, please call (08) 8221 6066 or contact us

We will arrange an interview to discuss the value of this course for you and for us to assess your suitability before lodging your application.

Enquire about this course


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