Davi Manzini Macedo

Practitioner – Psychologist

After graduating in Psychology, Davi undertook a Master’s degree in Research and a Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Adelaide. His research focus has been the health and wellbeing of vulnerable populations and the effects of trauma on development. More specifically, in his PhD he examined the effects of racism on Aboriginal Australian children’s social and emotional wellbeing.

Davi has experience working with Cognitive intervention approaches to support people experiencing anxiety-related conditions, depression, and the effects of trauma in building a life worth-living. He has conducted supervised practice with complex populations, conducting suicide risk assessment and offering intervention combining Cognitive-behaviour therapy with elements of Dialectical-behaviour therapy.

His current interest is to understand how intervening in systems and contexts can shape wellbeing. He balances his practice as a psychologist with research activities, being involved in initiatives aimed at reducing the effects of discrimination on wellbeing and understanding determinants of self-harm and suicide behaviour. With experience in both Brazil and Australia, Davi can offer psychological support in both Portuguese and English.