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Adult Relationship Matters

Adult Relationship Matters

The threat or actual loss of a key relationship can result in overwhelming distress, anxiety, despair, and anger which can be life threatening to self and others.

The distress may be a result of a decision by one person that they wish to leave a relationship and are seeking help to do so in a way that is least destructive to themselves, their partner and others or from the person whose partner has decided to go and they are bereft.

For others, the request is for guidance and support to repair and restore a once valued relationship.

How we can help

Marriage and relationship counselling at Bower Place is a comprehensive and compassionate approach to all those who are suffering at such a time.

We seek to understand the history of relationship breakdowns and distress and provide focussed client directed advice and guidance that incorporates an understanding of all parties.

Where appropriate, everyone involved will be invited to attend to create a safe, healthy future that cares for each person and allows relationships to be properly concluded or strengthened.

Contact us to book an appointment for help with relationship matters.

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