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Guest Speaker Presentation by Peg LeVine

“Responding to Trauma-induced Dissociation and Existential Aftermath”

21st October 2021 – 11am-12.30pm (Central Standard Time)

A presentation by Peg LeVine – Medical Anthropologist, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor in Global and Population Health, and Director of the Classic Morita Therapy Centre (CMC) in Melbourne.

The presentation will address how dissociative episodes can get framed and reinforced by checklist inventories, as depression, anxiety w/borderline and/or bipolar features, and as ADHD in children.

Drawing from the works of psychiatrist Shoma Morita (a contemporary of Freud) and his theory of ‘peripheral conciousness’, Peg will explore how can we better assess clients’ heuristic (sensory) experiences of trauma and linguistic interpretations and expressions of such, alongside overt symptom presentation. How can we account for the existential fallout our clients endure?

Peg will address ways to map sequentially therapeutic responses while accounting equally for the creation of therapeutic spaces/places/habitats that increase client re-integration, drawing on a variety of modalities.


Peg LeVine, PhD, EdD

Medical Anthropologist/Clinical Psychologist

Associate Professor Adjunct in Global and Population Health at the University of Melbourne and is a

Senior Researcher at the Center for Advanced Genocide Studies, USC, Los Angeles

(The Shoah Foundation)


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