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Introducing bower(knowledge)

An extensive resource of insights and learnings generated from decades of experience in dealing with highly complex situations with children, adolescents, adults and families.

Perhaps the most useful and creative work has been done in relation to the therapeutic process, with its express goal of managing inequality as a central constraint to effective service delivery. This set of protocols, called BowerNote, has been trialled across many clients by a diverse group of practitioners to produce clear and positive outcomes.

We offer four levels of membership to bower(knowledge)

  • Fundamentals (free)
  • Knowledge Builder ($29 per month)
  • Advanced ($49 per month)
  • Corporate Advisory (included as part of a corporate licence agreement fee)

Fundamentals Membership

Our Fundamentals membership provides free access to weekly Director’s Notes, reflecting on a wide variety of topics relevant to individuals, couples and families.

While some review current refereed journal articles reporting on new research and theory , others reflect on contemporary social and political issues that impact our clients and their practitioners.

Members will also have access to 3 scholarly articles normally available from our Knowledge Builder membership.

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Terms of Use – bower(knowledge)

Knowledge Builder Membership

The Knowledge Builder membership is designed for those who have an interest in the dynamics of relationships and the generation of change and the resolution of human difficulties.

No specific training or experience in psychology is required. Content is suited for those who are eager to expand their knowledge in human thinking, problems, relationships, and social and emotional behaviour, such as:

  • social workers
  • psychologists
  • teachers
  • accountants
  • ministers of religion
  • support workers
  • counsellors
  • lawyers
  • parents
  • partners

The Knowledge Builder membership is organised by symptom and age and by different human difficulties and topics. Each of the categories contain original material developed by Bower Place professionals for conceptualising issues and ways to address them, through our own unique lens. This is presented through short papers and recordings by the practitioners of Bower Place.

In addition to the content accessed through our Fundamentals Membership, you will receive access to regularly updated content including:

  • Clear and easy to understand written summaries of complex and theoretical topics and concepts with guidance on how to apply in a practical setting.
  • Short video explanations about human problems and symptoms.
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Terms of Use – bower(knowledge)

Advanced Membership

Advanced Membership provides professionals with broader access and advanced resources for practitioners interested in working from a systemic perspective and developing expertise in the application of bower(method).

A valuable resource for practitioners in the human and community services field, it is also a useful extension for those who have completed training at Bower Place and wish to continue expanding and updating their knowledge, Advanced Membership provides access to all information in the Fundamentals and Knowledge Builder memberships as well as papers with a direct practice focus for working with specific symptoms, system groups and ages.

In addition to the information available in the Fundamental and Knowledge Builder Memberships, the Advanced Membership provides access to regularly updated content including:

  • Numerous case studies
  • Infographics to explain more complicated theoretical ideas.
  • Pictorial explanations to provide examples and meanings to clients or to be used as a tool in helping to provide advice.
  • Videos explaining theoretical concepts.
  • Theoretical papers.
  • Guidance on the application of theoretical concepts.
  • Live webinars.
  • How do I? – questions answered by senior practitioners in the field.
  • Processes and protocols for effective service delivery with practical examples and explanations.
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Terms of Use – bower(knowledge)

Corporate Advisory Membership

The Corporate Advisory membership to bower(knowledge) has been specifically designed for organisations that have purchased a license to practice the bower(method) and bower(note).

All material and insights from other memberships can be accessed, in addition to detailed policies, processes, and procedures to effectively manage clinical practice applying the bower(method) and bower(note). These have been designed and proven to save organisations money, time and reduction in complaints.

The Corporate Advisory Membership includes access to all information available from the other membership levels in addition to:

  • Business administration protocols
  • Organisational policies
  • NDIS audit advice
  • Legal documentation to assist in establishing and embedding employee protocols and agreements such as (but not limited to):
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Intellectual Property agreements
  • Employee communication templates?
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Terms of Use – bower(knowledge)


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